Parker Hopaholics

The premier homebrew club in Parker, Colorado.

Parker HopAholics is a Homebrew Club located in Parker, Colorado. The club was created to provide a forum for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts to gather, socialize, share recipes and improve their brewing skills and techniques. These objectives are accomplished through monthly meetings, “Brew Days” and site visits and tours of local and regional breweries.


Ranging in experience from novice to expert, members of the Parker HopAholics Homebrew Club seek to improve and enhance the depth and breadth of their brewing expertise through brewing education. A primary goal is developing a better understanding of the science of brewing. We have a few members who know a thing or two about microbiology and zymurgy, so feel free to reach out if you are having issues. We have a ton of resources available to help out our members.


Club members actively support local and regional homebrew supply vendors in creating a wide variety of homebrewed beers, ales, and ciders. Our members also contribute to the ongoing evolution of beer styles, by participating in homebrewing competitions around the Denver Metropolitan area and throughout Colorado. Our inter-club competition winners even receive a free entry to the GABF annual competition. It’s kind of a big deal;  learn more about it here.


This website is intended for members, as well as anyone else interested in beer and homebrewing. Its purpose is to help our members gain brewing knowledge, share tips, techniques, and recipes for crafting great homebrews, and to keep up with club events and beer-related activities in our area and beyond. Ultimately, the point is to have fun making and enjoying beer!


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