Improve Your Beer By Improving Your Water

Education and improving brewing techniques and processes are major objectives of the Hop-Aholics Homebrew Club.  Yes, we like to toss a few at our monthly meetings, but we also appreciate learning new things as well.  On March 28, club members were treated to a presentation by Jake Huolihan, who has led our group through several Brülosophy xBeeriments, on the important topic of water quality.  Jake developed a presentation on “Practical Water and Homebrewing” that summarizes what we as brewers should be concerned about regarding the water we use to brew. He also described a brewing calculator for water that demonstrates how water profiles can be altered for a desired effect or to minimize unwanted flavors.

Jake’s presentation and the water calculator are available in the “Forums” section of our website, under the “Tips and Techniques Topic.  Many thanks to Jake Huolihan for getting this information together and also to Bru’n Water, the author of the water calculator.  Please visit Bru’n Water’s site to download the calculator free of charge and to access a LOT of additional information about water.


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