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    Milton Scherotter

    Still new at all of this so trying to make sure I’m reading the recipe correctly.

    1.0 oz whole Bravo hops (first wort hops)

    1.0 oz whole chanook hops (0 min)

    1.0 oz whole amarillo hops (0 min)

    Calls for 1 hour boil.  So the Bravo hops go in at the beginning of the boil and the rest at the end?

    Thanks for the help in advance!



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    Hey Milt,
    I’m sure you’ve figured this out already, terribly sorry for the delay. For anyone else wondering if the recipe calls for a 0 min addition – that is right when you turn off the heat at the end of the boil. When the timer goes, “beep beep beep beep!”.

    60 min additions are your bittering hops
    45 min are more bittering
    30 min is about half and half
    15 min we are getting some bitterness, but mostly aroma.
    10 min – 2 min: Aroma standard (if you could say there was an actual standard for anything in brewing, cleanliness aside)
    1 min – 0 min: All aroma baby!

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